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« on: June 13, 2012, 01:20:18 pm »
Hello, I've decided to make an application for a moderator position.

Although I have not played this server for an extremely long time, I've played the server long enough to enjoy fully what the server has to offer.

I have become a very well known player and also a friend to my fellow players, my friendliness and willingness to help and support players makes me believe I would be perfect for a moderator spot, I am very aware of the server and I am also very aware of where most things are, I can tell new players all they need to know and make them feel very at home In this server and strongly feel I can elongate the amount of time one player spends on this server.

In terms of experience I have many years of not just Runescape but also RSPS's in which I have also been playing for a long amount of time, I have been moderators on Many other server and also an Administrator of another, this being I know exactly what is expected of me, I look up to people like Worldofwar, in who I have learned many things from, I also know to not expect any moderator any time soon as I know a close friend of mine on the server has just been promoted to Moderator.

Now for some things in real life about me;
My name is Alex and I am an English student at the age of 19 I have brilliant English in which I can easily adapt to other peoples way of speaking and talk in a level which is more suited for that particular person.

Other than this I am a very funny person, I'm an aspiring surgeon who loves football, I am known in most groups of friends as the funny one who most cares about another feelings.

I hope you can please take the time for read and evaluate application I have taken the time to write, Thank you for your time, Alex (my real name)

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