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« on: June 27, 2012, 05:09:05 pm »
Hello everyone. These are the Forum rules, You need to read through these rules before you post anything on the Forums to avoid being banned, Muted, Warned or even Ip-Banned. We don't want to do any of these so please follow these rules.

*Spamming: There is to be no Spamming/Useless posts posted on the Forums. If you are unsure about posting something then contact a staff member and we will tell you wether or not it should be posted or not.

*Double Posting: Do not double post unless it is 100% needed. The "Modify" button above your post does work.

*Bumping: Do not bump a post for at the least 30-31 days (1 Month) unless it is an emergency like a technical problem. You should get a reply by then anyway.

*Flaming: Please do not Flame someone. If you're being Flamed then don't retaliate just report them. If you do retaliate then you will most likely get in trouble along with the other player. Not to mention that it is never needed and it doesn't get you anywhere.

*Racism: This is a biggie. There is to be no Racism what so ever. I don't even care if it's a joke. I, along with the rest of the staff, will be keeping a hard line on this rule. You'll be Ip-Banned Immediately and you won't be unbanned for any reason what so ever.

*Inappropriate Material: There is to be no posting of Inappropriate Material on the Forums, Such as Pornography highly swearing/offensive videos or pictures. This is also a big rule.

*Attitude: Don't have a stuck up or aggressive attitude to anyone, Especially Staff. No one enjoys it and it will most likely get you a bad name.

*Account: Keep your account details to yourself and don't let anyone on your account. If you do they most likely will abuse other members and break the rules. Just don't let anyone on your account.

*Signature/Avatar: Please don't use offensive Signatures/Avatars. Also try to keep them relatively small. There is no rule on that it just looks allot cleaner and makes your profile neat.

*Advertisement: There is to be no Advertisement of other servers/websites on the Forums. If you are unsure on wether to post something or not contact me and I will let you know. If you do happen to advertise another server/website then you will be, most likely, banned.

*Privacy: I see this to much, everywhere. Private Messages are meant to be kept Private. If someone messages you don't tell everyone. Keep it private because I'm sure that's what they want.

*Plagiarism: If you have a Picture in your Avatar or in your Signature make sure you have permission to use it and make sure you give credit to whoever made it. Plagiarism is against the law and you may be left with a ban.

That is all. Please read all the rules to prevent getting Banned/Warned/Muted. We don't enjoy issuing any of them.


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