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Ovarlord's application for moderator.
« on: May 22, 2012, 12:15:45 pm »
Applying for:Moderator

Name: Alexandru Tonitoi

Forums & InGame username: Ovarlord

Age: 14 (15 in July)

What you do best:
I can find and do really good suggestions and I am really sociable and friendly =3

What you enjoy: I LOVE skilling a bit more more than combat. I dont usually PK as I enjoy PvM better :D

Why you want to be staff:
Well I think Jamie and Liam need some help after all that happened :L . And also I want to help the server as its one of the best i've ever played...

Experience: I was moderator on a 639 server until it shutted down without a warning :( and also I was co-owner on a server of a friend but we did not know much about coding soo we just stopped...

Vouches: I would really appreciate if you would reply by a quick word if I would have a chance :)

Thank You

~Jamie and Liam~

99 Attack
99 Strength
99 Hitpoints
99 Defense
99 Dungeoneering
99 Construction
99 Prayer

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