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Jonas - Mod Apply
« on: May 26, 2012, 04:46:38 am »
Hey guys! First off i would like to introduce myself just a little bit. My name is Jonas and i am 16 years old. My homecountry is Norway. I love to play RSPS's and i am very active. I find Jamie-Scape very fun and i think it's a great community.

This is my moderator application for Jamie-Scape:

- User Name And Ingame Username If Applicable: My username on the forum is Jonas and my Ingame Username is Jonas.

- How Will You Help Out: I will help out by staying active and help newcomers. I will also watch out for rulebreakers or abusers.

- Have You Ever Had Any Experience As Staff Before?: I have been admin in a several servers. I used to have my own server like two years ago, but it was not a success since i didn't get alot of players. I have also been mod in a couple of servers such as Darknesspk and Project Capable.

- Tell What Makes This Server Great, And What You Can Do To Help Improve It: What makes this server good is the nice and polite staff, too bad it doesn't have more players on it. What i can do is to stay active and advertise to the server, and i also could have made a pkvideo or a video that introduces the server and shows what a great server this is. I could also make a tutorial.

- Are You Very Active In The Forums?, If So How Long Do You Spend On The Forums / Chatbox Daily?: I am always logged in to the Forums and i very often check out the news or updates.

- How Active Are You Ingame?, How Many Hours Do You Spend Playing Daily?: I am quite new to the server, but for today and yesterday i have been active the whole day, probably for like 7-8 hours. I will try to be active as much as possible, and always when i got time. I seriously got a lot of time for the next months, since i broke two bones in my back, like one month ago.

- How Long Have You Been Playing? I joined the server two weeks ago, and i think that's pretty sad because i have been looking for a good server for a long time now, and finally i have found one. Too bad i didn't find it earlier.

- Why Should We Accept You For A Staff Position?: I think you should accept me because i am pretty nice, i love to stay on the server, and i would really like to make it a better place for everyone (Even though it's pretty good already).

- Would Anyone Recommend You For Staff?: I think i have been nice to everyone that i have met on this server, but i am pretty new to the server, so maybe if i would get some time to know everyone just a bit better, they might would have Recommended me.

- If You Are Selected To Be A Moderator Or Admin And Abuse Your Powers, We WILL Have No Choice But To Demote You Of Your Staff Position!, Do You Agree To These Terms?: I totally understand most of your choices and i will absoloutly not abuse my powers.

Thanks alot, and i hope you guys enjoyed reading my Moderator-apply.

Love from your friend, Jonas.
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Re: Jonas - Mod Apply
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2012, 10:54:31 am »
Liam we don't know him. Give him a while...

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